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Stop back often...I will keep adding links.
Also, I will be splitting this page into several smaller pages for easier loading.

Christian Ministries & Churches
Christian Resources
Other Christian Links
Christian Music
Christian Print-n-Film
Christian Chats
Personal Christian Home Pages
Other Useful Sites
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Some Web Page Editing Tools
U.S. Government
Law Enforcement Web Sites
"For That SPECIAL Someone"
Concern For Others
Computer Related

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Christian Ministries & Churches

Ministries & Churches
Because of the number of links, this group was moved to its own page.
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Helps International Ministries, Inc.
Fields International Inc. (Missionary Org. Links
Serving In Missions Home Page
Employment Opportunities with AGRM (Rescue Missions)
Wycliffe Associates - Helping Missions and Missionaries
Long Term Missions Opportunities Database

The Christian Missions Home Page:
Traditional Missions
Relief Missions on The Internet
Mission Research and Support Organizations
Denominational Missions on the Internet
Mission Research & Support on the Internet

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Christian Resources

Christian Computing Magazine
Christian Resources on the Internet
Christnet Organization (Global Resources)
Christian Software - Revelation / Bible Prophecy CD-ROM!
Christian Country CONTACT!
HEARTLIGHT(sm) Magazine
Internet Theology Resources, by School of Theology Major Areas
Dianne's Christian Resources

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Other Christian Links

The Burning Bush; includes free devotionals
The Omnilist of Christian Links GOLD
Jesus Christ The Only God
The Bible Our Guide
Best of the Christian Web
Do You Know Who Jesus Is?
More Related Organizations On The Web
AAA+ Gospel Tracts "ZILLIONS" of Religious Links!
Jumpstart Homepage
StudentCenter Your New Home
Welcome to StudentCenter.Com
God Speaks Through Trials
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Daily Wisdom
HEARTLIGHT(sm) Magazine
Words of HOPE Daily Devotional Meditations
Keys For Kids
CWEB - The Christian Webmasters Association
Issues That Make Christians Squirm

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Christian Music

CARMAN Home Page
The Music Review: Christian & Gospel Music
Graham's Christian Music Resource List
CCM Artists' Links
Intro To Random Music
Jamsline: The Christian music information source.
Amy Grant
The Joy of Music with Diane Bish
Christian MIDI Weston Music Productions Ltd - The Christian Internet Music Store
The Cathedral Quartet
Welcome to Gaither Music
The Official Martins Home Page
The Bishops
Artist Direction Agency - The Talley Trio
Welcome to the SingingNews Website!
Wesley Burke's Home Page
Family Life Radio
***I have many more sites to add, but it may take some time before I can get them in. Please be patient with me as my on-line time is very very limited these days. God Bless!!***
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Christian Print-n-Film

Christian Publishers List - from Places for Publishers
A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet I
Eden Communications / Films for Christ: Equipping Christians
Welcome to Christian Media Alliance
The BookWire Index - Publishers
Joy Publishing - Christian Book Publishers
C. S. Lewis - St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England on-line magazine
The C.S. Lewis Page
Directory of Association of Christian Web Authors (ACWAC) Members
World Connect BBS (Christian Poetry)
The Upper Room [Christian] (Graphics Version)
The Upper Room [Christian] (Text Version)

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Christian Chats

Cross Daily Chat
Child of God Christian chat
MSN Chat has many good Christian Chats; however, it also has many non-Christian chats so I am unable (unwilling) to link you there. (My favorite is "Christian Singles 40+)

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Personal Christian Home Pages

Reciprocal Link Exchange: Battlefield Ministries
Jesus Christ is Lord
The Fallgren Family Home Page
Birdie's Nest
The World of Religions
Welcome to Peggie's Place! (Christian)

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Other Useful Sites

Fire Escape's BBS Directory HQ
Glory Communications International
Youth Unlimited
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Lycos RoadMaps.
MapQuest! Welcome!
DeLorme | Street Atlas USA Home Page
Hotmail Free Email
Angelfire Free E-Mail

Wishing Well Site Index
Rhyming dictionary
French-English Dictionary

The Internet Public Library
U.S. News & World Report Online
MSNBC Cover Page
CNN Interactive
EarthWatch Communications, Inc. - Welcome
Space Science and Engineering Center
CNN - Weather
Penn State University Weather Pages


Angelfire, 20M Free Space (+ Email)
Tripod, 50M Free Space (+ Email)
GeoCities, 15M Free Space
Fortune City, 25M Free Space

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Jobs/Careers Links Page

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HTML related (help -- training)

Some Web Page Editing Tools

"HTML related (help--training)" & "Some Web Page Editing Tools"
have been expanded and combined into their own page.
HTML/JAVA/CGI/Web Edit Tools

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U.S. Government

Military Spouse Alliance
Yellow Ribbon Campaign
U.S. Government Information
Government Resource List
USDA's Agencies and Programs
Food Safety and Inspection Service
The Better Business Bureau -- Agencies
FBI Home Page
Welcome To The White House (Graphics Version)
Welcome To The White House (Text Version)
Commonly Requested Federal Services (Graphics Version)
Commonly Requested Federal Services (Text Version)
U.S. Secret Service
United States Department of Justice Home Page
Central Intelligence Agency
The Pentagon
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: US Government Information Sources
United States House of Representatives - 105th Congress (Graphics Version)
United States House of Representatives - 105th Congress (Text Version)
The United States Senate

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Law Enforcement Web Sites

Cops Online (A Community Service) (Select Reading for Officers)
Law Enforcement Sites on the web (Law Enforcement News & Views) - Intelligence Watch Report
U.S. Dept of Energy-Comp. Incident Advisory Capability

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"For That SPECIAL Someone"

Animated Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards and Digital Post Cards
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
The Electric Postcard
Internet Greeting Cards
Send a FREE Postcard from Hawaii!
Postcard Home Page
Newspaper postcards

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Concern for Others
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CollegeNET Home Page (Scholarships, Financial Aid and more)
$20,000 in Scholarships!
ENC Online for Math & Science Ed (Graphics Version)
ENC Online for Math & Science Ed (Text Version)
Welcome To Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Please understand that the following links are here for your information only. I do not in any way endorse these sites nor the programs they offer. If you are not interested in security issues, or if you have already taken care of these isses, please pass right on by this set of links. If you are interested in these links, and would like to have more links, e-mail me and I can offer you the links I've already bookmarked. This is in no way the length of the links I have bookmarked. Thank you.

Computer Related

The Internet Watchdog
IP-Watcher Home Page
Digital ID Enrollment
Cyber Patrol
The Internet Filter
ncet censor filtering index
Net Shepherd
Net Nanny
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
Yahoo! - Comp & Int:Security & Encryption
Security Apps for Windows 95
Symantec Protect Your Site
The Microsoft Internet Security Framework
Netscape DevEdge - Library
PC Security
Virus Information Library: ShareFun.A

Shareware & Freeware Fonts
Font Sources and Type Foundries for Desktop Publishing on the Net
Larabie Fonts - Making your own fonts
NOTE: I will be adding links as I locate them. If you find that a link is no longer active, please E-Mail me and let me know. Also, PLEASE let me know if any link adds anything NOT in keeping with SafeSurf Guidelines (viewable by all ages.)
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If you know of a Christian Link not in these pages,
or if you have your own Christian Home Page,
please e-mail me and let me know its address.
(NOTE: Because some sites use Link Exchange and other advertisers not
in keeping with Christian values, not all links submitted will be added.)
Thank you and God Bless!!
Jesus is Lord (Return to Home Page)

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