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The Polly Klaas Foundation - missing children, child abduction, prevention and education
Missing Children

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Brother's Keeper Ministries Inc. Home Page (Uses L.E.)
About the Children's Department (Uses L.E.)
Criminial Justice Ministry Referral Network (Uses L.E.)

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Reynolds Enterprises: The Cyber Guestbook System and CGI Hosting Services
Cyber Search Express Postcards
Whole Web Catalog - We were framed!

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Mercy in Jesus Home Page
Mercy in Jesus: Awards and Associations (p2)
Mercy in Jesus: A Love Letter from Jesus
Mercy in Jesus: A Promise from God (23rd Psalm paraphrased)
Internet Evangelism Explosion
Old Farmer's Almanac Q & A Page
Welcome to the Old Farmer's Almanac Forum
Rocky Mountain News Weather (+searchable national & international weather)
FreeRide(sm) Affiliates
About FreeRide(sm)
Lycos Media
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation: Worldwide Employment Homepage
Digital Equipment Corporation - Systems/Technical Support opportunities

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Alaska & Canada Search Engine - Alcanseek - Alaska & Canada Travel Directory - Travel Alaska - Travel Canada
Ananzi South Africa
AnySearch Home Page (Korean Search Engine)
711.Net Christian Internet Assistance
Welcome To 711.Net
711: Add Your Url/Website
ChurchSurf Church Directory
ChurchSurf's Free Homepage
Christian Home Pages
Welcome to Christianity.Net!
Alliance Missions Page
Risen King Community Church: Christian/Bible resources, Missions, and more

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CCNet Homepage (Free Home Page)
All In One Christian Index - Main
All In One Christian Index - Christian Search Engines
1997 Christian Resource Index
Holier Than Thou
Welcome to BUILDER.COM (The site for site builders)
The C.S. Lewis Page

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A Profile of The Antichrist
Montana Bible College
Liberty University Home Page (Virginia)
Prairie's Home Page (Bible Institute of Canada)
Welcome - Logos Research Systems, Inc.
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies, main page
Colorado Christian University Home Page
ICLnet's Christian Resources on the Internet (Christian Colleges)
The ICLnet Home Page (Institute for Christian Leadership--Excellent source of links)
Blueprint for a new world order


Gorbachev plans prestigious gathering of global elitists
Commentary: Media double standard evident in coverage of shooting
Lifting Christ Together on the Web!!
Hannah's Prayer: Christian Infertility & Pregnancy / Infant Loss Support
Gomez Marketing Presents WWW.SANCTIFIED.ORG!!

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Netpreneur Exchange
SEARCH.COM - Online Career Center
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Academe This Week - Job Openings in Academe
University of Michigan Gateway
The Aloe Garden-1
The Aloe Garden-2
Weekly Scripture Graphics
Editorial - Oct '96 (Net Censorship)
Huh. Diary of the Hip

Ind.LinksFiles, not on-line

Welcome to the Association of Christian Web Authors
Christian Webmasters - WebResource
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
The New York Public Library Home Page

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barnyard buddies homepage
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