From: Reply-To: To: Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 23:45:16 -0500 Subject: Web Authors THIS COULD BE YOUR AD: OakNet Publishing mails free newsletters on a variety of topics to over 20,000 readers. You can introduce your business to as many of these readers as you want with an ad just like this for only 2 cents per subscriber. For details please send any mail to: The Association of Christian Web Authors Newsletter Issue 5 December 5 1997 STILL GROWING !!!! ACWA started May 1 1997 and since that time we have registered over 6800 hits and grown to over 925 members. Think we can make 1000 by December 31??? We have now fully implemented our banner rotation/exchange that ACWA members can freely display on their pages. You can email me for the html code if you would like to participate. Currently we have about 100 banners in the rotation, with the cgi program being called over 3000 times since Nov 1 and an average of 279 banner displays per day. The admin program tells me that the clik-thru ratio averages 8-15%. This is a "non-weighted" display, independent of banner display vs cliks. I have done this for 2 reasons: 1: I believe it is the fairest (and easiest) way to display member banners. 2: Much less server overhead by not registering, sorting and calculating each display vs hit. The html code acts like a off site img src, thus hitting my server only once per display. SOME MORE NEWS......your help please.... I have decided to definitely take down the membership directory. With over 900 entries and growing, it is very time consuming adding to and updating. Also, various ISP's and listserv have announced that email stripping is becoming very popular these days, even so far as commercial software to do the job., (I've gotten a few offers to beta test these programs myself). The Youth Pastor Com listserv has informed me that this is now happening with Christian sites as well, the perpetrators using the email addresses to target market segments and/or just create havoc. Since the directory is stored on my server as a flat file ascii database, it is very easy to grab and import the addresses into many email programs (and spam programs), having done this myself when my hardrive crashed. Therefore, to protect your privacy, (and possibly sanity) I will be removing this file (and hence the directory) from the ACWA site. Sorry for the inconvenience. In place of the time gained and space gained, I hope to be posting more frequently resources. This is where you our readership can help.... Tutorials, hints, tips, tricks, reviews (software) anything you think can/would be of help to ACWA members and visitors, please feel free to submit. I will be creating a "In My Humble Opinion" page(s) to accommodate the obvious influx of wisdom/gripes as it comes in. I would be looking for graphics tips and tricks using some of the more common graphics packages, html editors (commercial, shareware, freeware, careware), hosting services, etc. I want your experience and opinions, (names withheld upon request), but I will stop editor wars in their tracks, (everyone has their pet editor, so let's just tell others why it is good, not slam the others.) Familiar with Cascading Style Sheets? Tips to stop making browsers crash (friendly html implementations)? Pass them along for everyone's benefit. From the comments and feed back I receive, ACWA appears to be a good resource for the Christian on-line community, but I am only one person with a family, job, business sideline, and I am finding time more precious, so ..... I could use YOUR help in keeping ACWA fresh and useful for all our members and visitors. ONE FINAL NOTE, New Hosting Services offer enhanced packages....for FREE!! Check out if you are looking for a host server for your business site, (I'm now there). 10mb storage, sub-domain address (ie, virtual DN hosting, full cgi-bin, SSI, unlimited traffic, T3 lines, and on and on,,,, and its FREE!! Non-business?? Then surf to for much the same as above, but up to 50 mb storage. Obviously the owners are more concerned with their paying customers, so support is spotty and thin, and I've been told that it can take up to 2 weeks to set up an account (although sign up says 2 days), but still.... Something like Geocities and Tripod is ( Divided into "communities" xoom will host your page free, provide ftp access and offers an on line page builder. They are slow connecting (often down as they iron out the server move) but they look promising. Speaking of Geocities, news has it that they are now offering 3 mb storage and geocities guestbooks for their free accounts. If you can put up with the pop up ad windows, it's a pretty good deal too. ACWA is hosted on a small town (under 1500) ISP, who I believe go out of their way for their customers. I virtually never get a busy, have great support for the tech end of this site, and they let me away with quite abit with the cgi stuff too !! ACWA is the largest and most active site on this server, (although we use less than 1 mg of space) If you appreciate what they are doing for ACWA and our members (they are quite reliable) drop Vicki < > or Scott < > a note of appreciation. For a small ISP, they are doing BIG things for their clients. ( and no I am not being compensated in any way for this). Sorry for taking up so much drive space (you can now delete this) and until next time... Have a fantastic Christmas and great New Year!!!! Blessings Brad L. Harris Administrator/Webmaster The Association of Christian Web Authors On line version can be found at Please feel free to distribute this anyone you feel would be interested. 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