Poems for The Lord -- Set Three

Poems for The Lord -- Set Three

All works protected under copyright. (Copyright 1997 by Andrew D. Festa)
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Lucky the Young
Standing on the Rock (with belief)
To crush or not to crush (the condition of your cup)
The Road
Higher Ground
Killed with a grin
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Lucky the Young

June 16, 1997 (5:48pm) [second draft]

Lucky the young who touch His garments and never taste the depths of this world's offerings. The temptor loves to cause the knowing of The Lord to come beyond the age of innocence; the later the knowing, the greater the grip of lie. Lucky the young who never develop a taste for the deceiver's joys. Lucky the young of The Lord, saved steps past birth rather than miles beyond. Lucky the young who stand now in comfort, knowing beyond knowing. Lucky the young who taste His liking rather than bittering the taste and, with lemon-face, calling it sweet. Lucky the young who never forced themselves to enjoy that which at best turns the stomach sick, the eyes to pale, the color gone, and the soul to disrepair. Lucky the young... Andrew D. Festa
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Standing on the Rock (with belief)

6/2/97 (3:36am)

Don't stand on the conviction of your understanding of events as if your brain had the capacity to comprehend the infinite Truth beyond the edge of touch, the very outer limits of knowing. To understand His Truth with the power of your brain is to view all knowing as a lens-capped, filmless camera. To touch the greater meaning of The Lord, one cannot use the lesser tool of mind. One cannot touch forever from the harbor of a given moment. His is not a simple Truth meant to be held without the slightest effort, yet His IS a plain Truth (a free gift to be accepted or rejected) and it IS meant to be held without the merest effort: the key though is belief... one cannot touch the slightest part of Truth without it. Andrew D. Festa
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To crush or not to crush (the condition of your cup)

6/2/97 (1:18am)

[He came down to my level to get me and take me up to His level] (from a Creflo Dollar sermon)

If you get angry at your circumstances or let depression get you down, then you give power to the one who would crush you to the ground. The Lord is my Salvation, my full cup. The Lord delights in showing me His Light. The Lord would rather walk with me `cause He's already won the fight. You see, the truth of my Salvation is He gave it to me free; where once I had the blindest eyes I now have come to see. The Lord is my Salvation and He lifts me when I fall; where once I held to nothing much I now hold more than all. If you speak anger or have nasty thoughts and think revenge is what you need, then you stand strong on your unbelief which will crush your every seed. If you get angry at your circumstances or let depression get you down, then you give power to the one who would crush you to the ground. The Lord is my Salvation and He lifts me when I fall........... Andrew D. Festa
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The Road

6/17/97 (12:39am) [first draft]

On the great expanse of road laid out before us like an uncharted river, it isn't who we run into nor where we connect but how we greet them that matters. If we hold fast to the truths this world has to offer, we can do no greater than the farthest limitation allowed to us by touch. The road of life is not the stretch of asphalt laid out before us like the driven night, but the taken path that brings us to contact with those we cannot help but touch. In Kerouac's road the beauty of life is but an instant under a magnifyer, as if standing eyeball to eyeball with a tree and denying the forest. That road is but a single tree in an eternal line of trees, and if we stop to marvel at the singularity we will never greet the complexities detailed in the book of Truth called The Bible. The simplicity of the complexity is that it's there for all the world to see, but they can not because they will not look beyond the tree. God is not merely an ocean in motion with a notion of devotion, but the creator of the theatre, the go of the show, the shaker, the maker, the earth moving quaker, the Alpha and Omego and king-a the hill. Salvation for all nations, Grace for the race, Truth for the youth and the old; Love from above paid the cost for the lost, and He wants us at home in His fold. Don't you see, you can't be foot loose and free and yet see what your eyes can't surmise; it's a call to us all, here at the ball: "walk my hall, hear my cries, take the prize!" On the great expanse of road laid out before us like a path not yet trampled to form, it isn't who we run into nor where we connect that makes miracles out of molehills but how we greet those He sends our way... and the Truths we tell when we meet them. The road of life is not blacktop crushed underfoot but a blinding illusion to a lost world or a minor detour to those on their way back home. It is either the untaken road that leads easily to that which can't be kept, or the much tougher road that will carry us back to where it all began. If the road is all ME you'll never SEE the greatness of HE who designed us to BE far better than we ever dreamed of or hoped. God Bless! and God Bless! and God Bless everyone!! Andrew D. Festa
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5/30/97 (2:33am)

There are roads, and there are roads. I can either trust my eyes or my soul. When I was still among the lost, all aspects of available knowing came together into the truth I took willingly as the whole. I knew my eyes, my ears, my senses of taste, touch and smell, and the emotions I didn't fully understand but knew were there; based on my knowing, itself based on the tools which gathered fragmented data, I [knew] the collective truth. But then I was saved and taken beyond what tools could give. In fact, I was given the final tool that had been missing all along. What I once saw as the all I now see as but a minor part, and The Lord has raised my knowing to the very gates of Heaven. I once was blind but now I see how little I truly understood; my knowing has grown to show me hidden roads and His Truth I didn't have the tools before to see. Now I rest easy on the road back home. Andrew D. Festa
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Higher Ground

5/30/97 (2:53am)

A stubborn man decided to wait out a severe storm in spite of warnings. When someone drove by with the offer to take him to higher ground, he said, "No thanks. The Lord will save me. I'll wait for Him."

Then, when the water rose three feet, a rowboat came by to take him to higher ground. "No. I'm waiting for God to save me. Thanks anyway."

Then, forced to the second floor, a submarine came by. Again he declined the offer to be taken to higher ground saying, "God will save me. You can leave."

Forced to the rooftop, the man waved off a helicopter that had lowered a ladder to him to take him to higher ground. "No thanks," he said. "God will save me. I'll be fine."

Finally, unable to stay afloat, the man drowned. When he got to Heaven, he asked God, "God, why didn't you save me? I waited and waited and you never showed." To which God responded, "I sent you a car, a boat, a submarine and a helicopter. What more did you want?"

I heard that many years ago, but didn't understand it until after I was saved and He showed me all the times He'd sent help or a message. I saw the many people who had brought His Word to me, the bumper stickers that proclaimed Jesus as the Savior, the times when [something] inside said, "don't do that," or "don't go there."

You can deny Him, turn away from His Voice (however it is manifest), but you are ignoring eternity with him by doing so. Further, though He will love you enough to never stop sending His messages, to never stop sending the car, the boat, submarine and helicopter, it is up to you to accept His offer. It is up to you to let Him take you to higher ground.

Andrew D. Festa

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Killed with a grin

4/25/97 (3:19pm)

Satan is no fool but a master craftsman, tooling this side of reality to echo his own, convincing souls from a greater Truth to turn from God's protection to the myth of lie, pulling many from the ladder of eternal life to the endless pit of death, painting Holy Knowledge the color of ignorance and hiding torment in the face of comfort. Satan is an evil brother claiming to be the father of knowing, like a computer denying its maker while trying to enslave him. Though satan claims to be friend, he calls you with a smile promising to care for you while plotting your demise. Andrew D. Festa

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Bible Study Ideas

  • Believe His Words are True
  • Read at least one Bible book per week
  • Put favorite verses on 3x5 index cards
  • Join a Fellowship and Prayer Group
  • Pray without ceasing: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • When in doubt: Refer to His Word

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